A new brand out of the box, born during the pandemic by a team of young creatives with experience in the field of Fashion to give a touch of color and optimism.

We started by producing different lines of custom masks, fun and colorful, letting ourselves be inspired by the world around us, to return a bit of lightness in a complex time for everyone.

We wanted to help our community with products that were safe, but also innovative and imaginative. 

Inspiration for us is always a path in the making, so we listened once again to our creative vein and started a new path in line with the reasons that led us to create MASK-IN: a new line of unique sneakers, customizable, sewn on to our customers.

This is how our collections Walk Outside the Box and UPCYCLING were born, creative experimentations made from precious materials processed and produced in Italy.

 Give voice to those who want to escape from the standards by tracing new paths, light years away from the comfort zone.


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